Microblading Client Stories

The clients stories captues client Microblading experiences at BROWTASTICK STUDIOS. Various clients opt for this amazing procedure for a number of different reasons. Microblading helps create thick and voluminous shape of the brows that blends in with the facial features. A thin eyebrows can occur naturally or client can experience hair loss due to underlying health conditions. 

Zahra was experiencing thin brows that did not appear prominent on the face because of thin hairline and low hair density. 
A microblading procedure helped Zahra achieve the well-shaped and dark colored brows that are prominent and blends in with the facial features. 
ZAHRA is ecstatic with the results. 


Golden ratio?

How Golden Ratio helps you achieve the perfect look?

Golden Ratio is the universal proportions of beauty found in the nature. The microblading specialist tries to achieve these proportions for an eye-catching visual appeal. 
These principles are followed in design in almost all aspect of life to achieve a perfect harmony and balance. 

Our Team starts by calculating the Golden Ratio to achieve perfect brow shape 

Photo by Browtastick

The eyebrows are not necessarily aligned in the best size and shape to create a visually appealing look on the face. 

microblading in lahore

Story 2: FARYAL

Beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes for Faryal

Faryal was missing the thick and prominent eyebrows that she always yearned for. Microblading offered a semi-permanent solution to achieve the perfect balance.

A shaped brows grooves with matching pigments helped achieve perfect color density and volume of the lash Faryal required.

With an additional Hybrid Eyelash extensions, Faryal achieve a perfect eye catching look.